Project Management

Never used automation before?

If you and your company are looking at laboratory automation solutions and wish to automate a piece of laboratory equipment, your manual process, or automate a complete sample preparation or sample analysis process, PAA can help.  We understand that automating your manual process for the first time may appear challenging. Our team of highly trained and experienced laboratory automation sales and technical staff can help you turn your ideas into reality.


Project Process



User Requirement Specification

The User Requirement Specification (URS) describes what you would like your automated system to do. This will include examples of the sample preparation/analysis methods, work flow, expectations such as; sample throughput and any other information we need to understand. The URS is an important document as it specifies the deliverables and your aspirations for performance.  From this flows the design documentation and acceptance criteria.  Normally, this is a document supplied by you, the customer. However, we can assist with the preparation of the URS, if you have not written once before.



Once we have an agreed URS, we will provide a quotation, detailing our proposal and the cost. Typically, there are multiple iterations of a quote, especially on larger platforms, as we work together to come up with the best solution for your budget.

Design Specification

When you have ordered your system, we move into the design phase. In this phase, we detail how the control software will function and design the enclosure (to house the instruments and the robotic components). A set of design specifications are created, which will require your approval before the system is built,


All of the hardware is ordered and the fabrication begins at PAA UK. The control software and user methods are developed, as specified in the URS. We provide frequent updates during this stage, so you can see how the system build is progressing.

Factory Acceptance Testing

With the system built and configured, we prepare it for the Factory Acceptance Testing at PAA UK. You will be invited to witness these tests before the system is delivered to your laboratory.


The system is shipped to your laboratory, installed and commissioned by our engineers. We will then run a series of validation tests to ensure the system is working as expected. If training has been included within our proposal, we’ll typically provide this before we run the SAT/IQ.  This means so you will know how to use the system as we run the tests.


With the system ready, we will start the Site Acceptance Testing/Installation Qualification. You will be heavily involved in this testing, to ensure the system meets your expectations.  The system will not be considered ‘delivered’ until this validation phase has been completed successfully.