Scheduling Software

The Overlord™ family of laboratory automation scheduler software is the most extensive available. Overlord™ works with most instruments found in the laboratory (liquid handlers, plate readers, incubators, bulk liquid dispensers, plate washer etc) and if we haven’t integrated a device you need to use, we can develop a new driver very cost effectively. Overlord™ includes a set of functions to automate capable of automating any type of assay.  The drag and drop facility makes setting up a new assay a quick process. Sitting above Overlord there is a varied set of user friendly interfaces that make it extremely simple for scientists to use.

Our laboratory automation scheduler Overlord™ is used in our own systems such as S-CEL™  and can be applied to any other integrated system.

Overlord™ can link all types of hardware (plate manipulation robots, liquid handling, readers and washers) from all vendors into a single integrated system.   This is with full data handling and options of interfacing  information management system (LIMS), databases and data visualization software. All the tools are available to achieve all your requirements for any laboratory automation system.

Overlord™ is the first lab automation scheduler that seemliness contains both dynamic (event driven) and static (time driven) scheduling in one application, enabling highly optimized instrument scheduling, accurate timing and the highest throughput.