Automated Plate Handlers

PAA Automatic Plate Handlers

Our plate handler, the S-Lab™ is a cost-effective solution for automating laboratory instruments.

Many laboratories, needing to increase their throughput, have found laboratory automation costly and difficult – S-LAB™ changes this!  S-LAB™ represents a new cost effective approach to automation.  The S-LAB  is an automatic loader that attaches directly to most commonly found laboratory automation, including plate readers, bulk reagent dispensers, plate washers etc. S-LAB works 24/7 loading and unloading plates without further intervention, freeing up valuable laboratory time for more productive purposes.

With its small footprint S-LAB™ can easily fit a standard laboratory bench and inside may many safety cabinets.

The S-LAB™ Automated Plate Handler is an entry level automation solution designed for easy installation and use.  It is capable of operating standalone, loading plates into a wide variety of bench top instruments from any manufacturer.

Benefits of S-LAB™ Automated Plate Handler

  • Small plate handler, with the reliability of a robotic arm
  • Compact footprint that can fit within a standard laboratory safety cabinet
  • Compatible with up to 300 different laboratory instruments
  • Efficient handling of microplates: capacity up to 100 unlidded/80 lidded
  • Handles most standard microplates
  • Handles lidded microplates providing sterility for cell-based assays
  • Slot-in S-LAB™ base units eliminates the need to teach positions
  • No requirement for a separate PC – controller and software are embedded within the plate handler
  • Smart web-based application that can be run from any device