S-CEL™ – laboratory robotic workcells

S-CEL is the complete solution for your integrated laboratory workcell

A workcell is an arrangement of resources in a manufacturing environment to improve the quality, speed and cost of the process. Workcells are designed to improve efficiency by maximising process flow and eliminating waste. – Wikipedia

The S-CEL enclosure system provides a flexible design that accommodates all types of laboratory automation applications, ranging from simple instrument loading to complex cell based science. With modular workcells, containment options and environmental control, S-CEL is tailored to your individual needs.



A complete solution typically includes the following:

  • A robotic plate handler
  • A microplate store/incubator
  • A number of laboratory instruments required by the process you wish to automate

The process workflow is optimized and controlled by Overlord™, our advanced scheduling software. Overlord is an easy-to-use scheduler that lets you define a procedure once, for one plate, and then use it for all the plates in the batch.   This reduces development time and providing reliable run-time operation. The extensive Overlord driver library provides access to over 300 commonly used laboratory instruments (robots, liquid handlers, plate readers, incubators – as well as many peripheral devices), allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive automation solution available.


  • User and environmental protection, Class II type protection available
  • Configurable sizes to fit the required instrumentation
  • Advanced safety system – interlocked doors or light curtains for easy access
  • TRESPA® chemical resistant, easily cleanable, bench tops
  • Modular configuration, allowing multiple S-CEL™ workcells to be linked for large automated processes
  • Includes an ergonomic support arm for monitor, keyboard and mouse (or touch screen)
  • PAA is ‘vendor neutral’ enabling you to choose exactly what instruments you want to integrate

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Product Description

S-CEL is our prestige range of laboratory robotic workcell enclosures

S-CEL robotic workcell systems are designed for cell based science and other demanding biotechnology applications. With modular workcells, options for various enclosures, and environmental control, S-CEL systems are tailored to your individual needs. Rectangular and hexagonal designs are available.

3D-modelling is used to design, simulate the operation of the work cell, manage the production and document the system. This ensures that an optimum design is reached quickly, the workcell is manufactured efficiently and that rework is eliminated, providing a cost effective solution and short delivery time.

All systems comply with all European and international safety legislation regarding the safe use of robots
and other pharmaceutical equipment CE and ETLus certificates provided.

Connect docking station increases flexibility

  • Increases the productivity of high value equipment ensuring maximum return on investment
  • Seamless integration of third-party equipment
  • True plug-and-play docking of instruments using connect, enabling your instruments
    to be used in multiple applications
  • Benefit from full 360˚ unrestricted access to the system for instrument calibration and servicing
  • With S-CEL capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – science never stops

Software Control

  • S-CEL is powered by Overlord, PAA’s advanced scheduling and control software allows the widest range range of robots and instruments to be incorporated into the workcell
  • Overlord incorporated powerful error recovery – minimizing downtime
  • Overlord allows batches of samples to be queued, multiple assays to be run – all through a simple user interface
  • Use the Harmony touch screen interface for intuitive workcell control


  • Safe to use with easy access
  • Ideal for cell based science applications – cell line development
  • Instant emergency stop on incursion into the workcell (interlocked doors or light curtains)
  • Reliable safety system conforming to all relevant safety standards
  • Emergency stops mounted strategically around the enclosure
  • Safety and/or environmental enclosure (user protection/sample protection) options available
  • TRESPA chemically resistant bench tops
  • S-CEL can be monitored and controlled remotely with the latest camera technology and web-based access

safecel range

Safecel is available in a number of versions

  • Safecel – interlocked doors and Plexiglas screens
    This Safecel offers complete protection from all moving equipment.
  • Safecel L – light curtain protection.
    Safecel L provides light curtain protection surrounding the working area. Break the light curtain and the robot stops instantly. This is quicker and safer than reaching for the e-stop. The light curtain provides full access to the system, when the robot is not operating.
  • Safecel H – environmental control / Class 2 protection
    Safecel H has fully interlocked doors, with integrated environmental control. Safecel H guarantees sample preparation in a controlled environment. This type of workcell can incorporate an exhaust hood incorporating a HEPA filter to protect the user from biological contamination (CLASS 2 protection).
  • Connect – high performance instrument docking station. All Safecel products may be fitted with the unique Connect system. This enables instruments (for example an expensive plate reader) to be connected to a workcell in a true plug-and-play manner. The instrument may be wheeled away for standalone use, or docking at another workcell, and then retuned without re-teaching the robot. A unique connection system enables all services (power, communications and pneumatics) to be automatically connected/disconnected when the connect station is docked/un-docked.

Whether your application is: • automated ELISAsample preparationcell based assaysdrug discoveryDNA sample preparation, there is a Safecel option for you!