S-CEL™ Robotic Systems

S-CEL offers a reliable, tailored solution for rapid assay scalability, allowing you to focus on the application rather than the automation.

S-CEL provides a flexible solution which can evolve with your discovery requirements.

S-CEL breaks the mould of traditional laboratory automation, streamlining equipment utilisation and throughput while reducing the specialised knowledge to operate.

From simple benchtop systems to complex cell based science S-CEL provides the most productive solution for your workflow.

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Product Description

S-CEL Features and Benefits

  • PAA’s unique vendor neutral status ensures every S-CEL contains best-in-class equipment specific to your needs.
  • S-CEL robotic systems enable expandability by seamlessly integrating third party equipment using Connect plug-and-play docking technology.
  • With impressive instrument density all S-CEL systems allow the integration of multiple instruments without compromising usability for manual and autonomous operations whilst still fitting within the available lab space.
  • User, product and robotic safety is paramount.  S-CEL is ETLus certified and it is the only solution to provide full system laminar air flow across the whole system to maintain sterility and protect your assay.
  • S-CEL is tailored with quality at the forefront of our design, build and delivery.  Our systemic design approach, quality management and automation expertise allow us to produce custom solutions certified to the highest laboratory standards to meet your business needs.
  • S-CEL robotic systems offer a fast, cost-effective solution.  Advanced 3D simulation is used to ensure that an optimum design is reached quickly, the system is manufactured efficiently and installed seamlessly.
  • S-CEL is Industry 4.0 ready optimising process workflows by harnessing the power of Overlord , PAA’s advanced scheduling software.
  • With S-CEL capable of running 24/7, science never stops!




Product Range

Safecel is available in a number of versions

  • Safecel – interlocked doors and Plexiglas screens
    This Safecel offers complete protection from all moving equipment.
  • Safecel L – light curtain protection.
    Safecel L provides light curtain protection surrounding the working area. Break the light curtain and the robot stops instantly. This is quicker and safer than reaching for the e-stop. The light curtain provides full access to the system, when the robot is not operating.
  • Safecel H – environmental control / Class 2 protection
    Safecel H has fully interlocked doors, with integrated environmental control. Safecel H guarantees sample preparation in a controlled environment. This type of workcell can incorporate an exhaust hood incorporating a HEPA filter to protect the user from biological contamination (CLASS 2 protection).

Safebench 1000

Safebench 1000 is a rugged bench system for instrument or automated instrument in your laboratory.

Key features of the Safebench

  • Standard bench for an instrument and robot GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200/6000
  • Rugged and stable
  • Mobile or stationary (wind down feet)
  • 400kg max weight (feet down position)
  • TRESPA® chemically resistant and heavy duty bench top, facilitates easy cleaning

Safebench bolts to existing instruments/benches

  • Robustly supports laboratory robots and instruments
  • Use an PAA KVM accessory, Overlord laboratory automation software, automate instruments to support the PC peripherals
  • Lock together with strong locating catch and handle and/or spigot to connect utilities

Add an enclosure

  • Enclosure are built on standard S-CEL designs
  • Use an PAA KVM accessory, Overlord laboratory automation software, to support the monitor and other PC peripherals
  • Lock together with strong locating catch and handle

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Whether your application is: • automated ELISAsample preparationcell based assaysdrug discoveryDNA sample preparation, there is a Safecel option for you!


Connect instrument docking system

Connect™ docking system – the instrument mobility solution for busy laboratories!

Connect instrument docking systems enable you to maximise your investment in expensive instruments by using them in multiple applications.   Easily remove the high-value instrument from the workcell for use elsewhere.  When finished  return them to their original without having to reteach the robot.

Connect Features and Benefits

  • Add and remove instruments from your robotic workcell in seconds
  • Easily remove an instrument from a PAA S-CEL™ for; standalone operation, use in another workcell or for maintenance
  • Add flexibility to your workcell – retask by changing the instrumentation
  • Compressed air/ nitrogen, water, power and communications are connected automatically
  • Self-locating and self-levelling – just push the cart in and press the ‘Connect button’
  • No reteaching of robot positions required after cart removal and reattachment
  • Automatic cart identification – fully compatible with Overlord software
  • Re-configuring your system for different assays is easy – simply wheel up the instrument you require and ‘Connect’!
  • No trip hazard with unsightly floor mounted docking stations
  • Robust carts support the heaviest instruments (e.g. PerkinElmer ViewLUX, Forté Bio Octet)

Connect™ instrument docking system

The Connect docking system consists of a removable Connect cart (holding the instrument) and a docking station (located in the automation workcell or standalone location).  Connect automatically connects all communications and utilities to the instrument and locking the instrument accurately in position so that you don’t have to reteach the robot.  Connect docking systems can support any automatable instrument. Connect enables you to make the most of your valuable instrumentation using them in multiple workcells or other locations.  It also enables to you re-purpose your workcell by easily changing the instrumentation. Instruments are easily removed for servicing and returned to the workcell when they are ready for use. We have supplied Connect docking systems to support a number of high-value instruments:

  • Labcyte Echo 550/555
  • HighRes Biosystems Microserve
  • GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200/6000
  • Forté Bio Octet
  • Synentec NyOne

Carts can be supplied with a UPS to keep the instrument powered-up when moving the cart.

Connect cart wall docking stations

  • Wall docking stations allow the instrument to be used in manual mode.

Connect cart instrument turntables

  • This optional turntable allows the instrument to be rotated for easy access, when it is removed from the workcell.
  • Release the lock, rotate the instrument and lock in the 180° position to access the instrument rear panel.

Connect 7000 carts

  • Simpler cart system that offers mechanical connections only.
  • Can include KVM (keyboard/vdu/mouse) support accessory.

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