Plate Storage

PAA manufactures a full range of microplate storage solutions.

We offer a wide range of microplate storage solutions for laboratory automation systems, providing different storage capacities to a wide range of ANSI/SLAS labware types such as; microplates, reservoirs and tip boxes. All of our plate storage products integrate perfectly with our range of robotic plate handlers, as well as robotic arms from other vendors.

Our plate storage products are all mature third-generation designs, benefiting extensively from our experience of implementing storage solutions on a many different types of automated system. Our stacks and random access hotels are designed with a strong emphasis on ergonomics to allow easy access for loading and unloading plates for both the robotic arm and the user.

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your automated storage processes

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Product Description

Our plate storage products present plates in either a stack (Last In First Out) or a random access hotel, they are essential components for all lab automation applications. Our stacks and hotels sit within our range of single-pod and multi-pod bases and our carousels.

The stacks simply stack labware on top of each other. This allows the labware to be access in a LIFO sequence.

Using stacks is the best option if the labware within a stack can be processed sequentially and is only used once on the system (i.e. does not need to be accessed multiple times, for instance when performing kinetic assays).

The stack provides an extremely cost effective solution and offers a large capacity.

We provide stacks in either a 15, 30, 45 or 50 microplate size (14.4mm high plates, without lids).

plate storage LIFO stack
Random Access Hotel
The random access hotels allow each plate to sit on its own shelf. This allows the labware to be accessed in any order.

Using hotels is the best option if the labware within a stack needs to be accessed randomly, for example within a cherry picking or kinetic application.

Hotels are also a good choice if the labware does not stack well, such as a PCR or filter plates.

We provide hotels with either 8, 15, 22 or 25 shelves. Shelves can be removed to accommodate taller labware, such as deep-well plates or tip boxes.

plate storage hotel (rack)
Pod Bases
The pod bases, to hold the stacks or hotels are available as single or as 3 or 4 multi-stack versions.

All of the bases are precision machined and are coated with a low-friction Teflon-coating to allow the stack or hotel to be easily removed. They all feature a multipoint datum registration system and a one-touch retainer button for repeatable insertion and removal of the stack/rack.

An optional sensor and LED is available for stack or hotel presence verification.

The multi-pod bases attach directly to our range of robotic plate handlers to ensure the stacks or hotels are held in position relative to the robot. This allows the system to be setup extremely quickly and dramatically reduces the chances of ever having to re-teach the system.

plate storage pod base
The carousels are used in applications requiring a much higher plate storage capacity. Carousels also take up less space in the working envelope of the arm, so they allow more instruments to be placed around the robot.

With 10 bases on the carousel, up to 450 plates can be stored (requires KiNEDx 660 robot). There is also a 5 base version of the carousel that has a smaller footprint.

As with the Pod bases, stacks and hotels click into the carousel base, allowing them to be easily removed for loading and unloading.

The carousel is tightly integrated with PAA’s range of laboratory robots and software solutions, providing exceptionally easy installation and reliable operation.

We provide a .NET assembly allowing easy integration into your desktop application.

Plate storage hotel - carousel



Product key

M = Short KiNEDx 250
S = Standard KiNEDx 470 or BiNEDx
T = Tall KiNEDx 660
E = Extended height

Labware: Calculated using unlidded standard height ANSI/SLAS Microplate (14.4mm)

Base Storage Type
Stack Hotel
Single Pod Base 15 30 45 50 8 15 22 25
3 Position Pod Base 301 601 901 X2 24 45 66 X2
4 Position Pod Base 451 901 1351 X2 32 60 88 X2
5 Position Carousel 601 1201 1801 X2 40 75 110 X2
10 Position Carousel 1351 2701 4051 X2 80 150 220 X2


Note1: The actual capacity of a stack/base combination assumes that one stack remains empty to be the output stack. This means the true capacity is one less than the total number of stacks multiplied by the capacity of the individual stack.

Note2: This stack or hotel is not supported on this base or carousel type