GX™ laboratory robot

GX –  new generation of collaborative laboratory robotics

The GX is the latest generation in bench-top collaborative robots. Designed and manufactured by PAA to deliver unmatched performance, ease of use and safety in the laboratory.

This robot has available options for linear rail extension, numerous gripper configurations, as well as 0ºC, 40ºC, and high-humidity environments.

Key features of the GX:

  • The unique 360˚ CONTINUOUS rotation of all joints – instruments can be located anywhere within the circumference of the working envelope – enabling you to service more instruments than with any other robot
  • GX is fully collaborative, which means it can be safely used on the laboratory bench without the need for an enclosure
  • Direct drive, interpolated linear motion and blended moves make GX the most precise and smoothest operating laboratory robot available
  • Drag-to-teach’ technology – simply hold the robot arm, move it to the required teach point – touch the button and that position is recorded
  • Full integration available – the GX can be supplied fully operational with PAA’s Overlord scheduling software and full range of plate storage options
  • GX provides the MOST cost effective solution to laboratory automation – you will be up and running straight away – saving your laboratory time and money.

New generation of collaborative laboratory robotics

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Application Notes

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Product Description

GX –  new generation collaborative laboratory robot

The GX offers a number of innovative features that make it the ideal choice for handling microplates within the laboratory.

Drag-to-Teach When teaching the robot end-points, the user moves the robot into position and then touches the button conveniently located on the shoulder to automatically record the coordinates
Collaborative Operation Can be used within a laboratory without any additional safety guarding.
Meets Collaborative operation requirements of ISO 10218-1:2011,
clause 5.10.3: Power and force limiting by inherent design or control
No Pinch Points There are no joint overlaps or exposed slots that can accidentally catch a finger during human interaction
Direct-Drive Motors PAA’s free-drive™ technology uses direct-drive motors for all axes so no maintenance, zero backlash, and near-silent operation
Gravity-Neutral Counterbalanced Arm The arm is perfectly counterbalanced for safety and ease of teaching, and it consumes no power when at rest.
True Absolute Encoders There is no movement upon power-up for “homing”. The robot always knows where it is, and there are no batteries to replace.
Straight-Line Interpolated Motion Straight-line motion allows the arm to extend inside a tight space with no fear of rubbing on the sides
Continuous Blended Moves Smooth blended moves reduce plate transfer times while protecting sensitive samples from vibration or shock
Built-in barcode scanner Plates in a hotel rack can be pre-scanned by the robot for sample tracking using the on-board scanner located inside the gripper housing.
Compatible with existing PAA racks & stacks configurations Use the latest cutting edge laboratory robot with established plate-storage configurations
Drop-in replacement for existing KiNEDx robot installations Older systems with PAA’s KiNEDx robot can easily be upgraded to the GXK model without rearranging existing instrument
TCP/IP 100 Mbps Ethernet Port allows connecting on a network.
Meets all the Latest and Relevant Standards CE Marked

EN ISO 10218-1-2007 Robots for Industrial Environments,
Safety Requirements.
EN 610204-1 Safety of Machinery, Electrical Equipment of Machines
EN 61000-6-4 EMC Directive (Emissions) EN 61000-6-2 EMC Directive(Immunity).

Standard I/O Built-In Digital and Analog I/O available at the wrist and the base control box for interfacing and controlling other devices.
Numerous Options Available options include: extended arm reach, different heights, inverted arms, linear rail extension, numerous gripper configurations, as well as 0°C and 40°C operation
Manufactured Exclusively by PAA The GX is designed, manufactured, and supported directly by PAA through its multi-national offices. Established 1989, PAA created the original laboratory SCARA in 2003.


Radial Reach (Side-Grip) GX: 580mm, GXL 730mm, GXK: 520mm (KX Drop-In)
Radial Stroke GX: 330mm, GXL 480mm, GXK: 300mm (KX Drop-In)
Shoulder rotation Continuous unlimited rotation
Elbow rotation Continuous unlimited rotation
Wrist rotation Continuous unlimited rotation
Z-Travel 525mm, 750 Optional
Encoders Absolute encoders all axes
Servomotors Direct-drive motors all axes
Communication 100 Mbps Ethernet
Teaching Drag-to-Teach, button on arm link
Status Light Multi-colored RGB ring
Inputs Wrist 9 Digital, 2 Analog
Outputs Wrist 5 Digital
Inputs Control Box 6 Digital, 2 Analog
Outputs Control Box 6 Digital
Spare Lines 6 from Base to Gripper
E-Stop ISO 13849-1:2008 Cat3, PL=e Compliant
Gripper Electric servo-gripper included, 54mm stroke
(numerous top and side-grip finger options)