A wide variety of grippers designed specially for handling microplates

We build both pneumatic and electric end-effectors to function as the ‘hand’ in your automated system. Our standard units are made to fit directly onto the KiNEDx and BiNEDx Robots and are designed to handle most available types of microplates, tube racks and tip boxes. They can also be easily modified for non-standard applications.

Grippers designed specially for handling microplates

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Product Description

Electric grippers

Our electric grippers are servo-driven and are the most compact design on the market. They are fully programmable and have adjustable open and close points. They can also be programmed to close down to a specified force rather than position, which is great for picking up lids. The drive mechanism cannot be back-driven and will not drop its payload in the event of a power outage.

Pneumatic grippers

Our pneumatic grippers provide a cost effective alternative to the electric gripper, provided that your laboratory already has an easily accessible air supply. Air pressure opens the gripper and a spring is used to close the gripper. The spring ensures the gripper will not drop its payload in the event of a power outage. The fingers can accommodate plates with lids but for separate lid handling, the electric servo gripper described below is recommended.

Top grip and side grip variants

For both the electric and pneumatic grippers, we provide a top grip (TGP) and side grip (SGP) variant. The TGP variant is used when the plates are stored on the system within our plate stacks. The SGP variant is used when the plates are used within our plate racks, where the plates are stored on individual shelves. We will assist you when selecting a robot, to recommend the best gripper to use for your application.

We have designed and built many different types of specialized grippers over the years and our engineers can design and create a new end-effector if your application cannot use our standard gripper.



  • 54mm stroke
  • Can work in both Landscape and Portrait
  • Fully programmable, allowing open widths to be specified
  • Smart servo motor, RS-232
  • Plate presence sensor
  • Good for picking up and handling lids


  • 12mm stroke
  • Works in Landscape or Portrait
  • Fail safe spring closing
  • Accommodates plates with lids
  • Plate presence sensor
  • Adaptable to many applications

Our full gripper range is listed below, categorising all of our options by the plate orientation they work with, the accessibility the gripper provides and the plate formats they can work with.