Benchtop Solutions

Benchtop automation with Harmony™

The easiest way to increase your laboratory throughput and improve the reliability of your assays – consisting of an integrated microplate handling robot, plate storage, Harmony touch screen user interface, sample tracking and scheduling software.

What instruments can I automate with Harmony?

We provide software drivers for all the major instrument manufacturers (currently we have a library of more than 400 supported instruments which include plate readers, incubators, liquid handlers).

Harmony packages

  • Harmony 2: Entry level system with capacity up to 30 full height plates, consisting of BiNEDx robot with two plate stacks, Harmony software, driver for one instrument, base plate and instrument mounts.
  • Harmony 4: Enhanced flexibility with capacity up to 90 full height plates, consisting of KiNEDx robot with four stacks, Harmony software, drivers for up to two instruments, base plate, and two sets of instrument mounts.
  • Harmony plus: Hotel/incubator option, consisting of robot with random access hotel or incubator, Harmony software with enhanced features to provide for long kinetic assays.

Add laboratory automation capabilities to your product, the easy way

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Product Description


  • Sample tracking: A wide-angle barcode reader and sample tracking software links the plate ID with the assay results.
  • De-lidding station: De-lids standard plate lids. Includes a two-position plate nest with mounting hardware and additional software to de-lid/re-lid plates.
  • Touch screen: A touch screen fully compatible for use with the Harmony user interface.
  • Automation bench: A robust bench made from chemically resistant Trespa™ for mounting the instrument, robot and peripherals – supplied flat packed.
  • Installation: We can arrange on-site installation and IQ anywhere in the world.

OEM variations

Custom made base plate for specific instruments.   The robot is pre-taught for easy installation and commissioning by OEM engineers.