Assay Manager™ – sample queuing

Assay Manager, easier control of an automated workcell

Assay Manager is a simple way to queue your assays in a high usage environment.

Assay Manager enables multiple users to queue their samples for processing, even when there are batches of plates being processed. Simply answer a few questions about your assay, load the plates, hit go and walk away.  Assay Manager turns operating an Overlord controlled workcell into a simple procedure, requiring minimal training.

Assay Manager – Benefits

  • Queue your batch of samples for processing even while the system is processing previous batches
  • Simplify staff training with this easy to use interface
  • Full inventory sample tracking
  • Improve laboratory efficiency at a stroke – by eliminating workcell dead time
  • See exactly what is happening in your workcell at all times.

See the flexibility and benefits of multiple users running multiple assays

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Product Description

Assay Manager – features

  • One click to add a new batch of samples, even when the system is running
  • Sample queuing interface
  • One user interface for multiple platforms
  • Intuitive – guides the user the through every step
  • Optional inventory management on your automated workcell
  • Integrate over 300 Windows 7/10 compatible instruments in the Overlord driver list
  • Runtime review screen

Easy Sample Queuing for Overlord Controlled Workcells

The Assay Manager is a sample queuing user interface for Overlord.  Its intuitive to use, enabling users to add batches of samples to the automation system, review the current status of the automation system and add new processes.

On selecting the ‘Add’ function, Assay Manager presents the user with a dialogue box requesting information about the batch of samples to be processed, for example; the standard operating protocol required, number of samples and liquid dispensing volumes.

Assay Manager directs the user to load the samples and when the automation system is ready, the batch will be processed. The display screen shows the user that the run status and on completion, the user is advised where to collect the output plates. A second or third user can load their batch plates.  These batches will then be run sequentially, without further intervention.


Assay Manager™ – Interface

The screen has three areas

1. Queued Batches – use the Add button to add a new batch of assays. Once the information has been processed, the batch is passed to the Running Batches section.

2. Running Batch – the top entry is processed and the parameter data is passed to the Overlord3 runtime engine, and the batch is processed on the automation workcell. Once the batch has be completed on the automation workcell the batch is passed to the Completed Batches section.

3. Completed Batches – The completed batched are placed here, use the Remove button to delete the catch and information of where the batch samples are located for removal from the automated workcell.

Assay Manager™ – Menu Options

  • Login as administration to access the setup parameters
  • Setup, dependent on the assay but includes Labware and Protocol setups
  • Plate Inventory, where the plates are located during any batch run

Assay Manager™ – Conclusion

Use Assay Manager as a user interface to your automated system, and see the benefits of productive as users choose automation over manual sample preparation and management.

Assay Manager has the advantages of efficiency and out of office hours use of expensive capital equipment and has been adopted in a number of pharmaceutical laboratories.

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