About PAA


Peak Analysis & Automation  – PAA – was formed by the merger in 2012 of Process Analysis & Automation (a UK limited company founded in 1992) and Peak Robotics Inc (a privately held Corporation founded in 1989).

Together the PAA companies provide a complete design and build service for laboratory automation, robots and robotic workcells. The company remains highly flexible and devoted to each customer’s special needs.

Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd (UK)

Provides state-of-the-art automation technology to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company was founded by five former members of the PAA team at the BP Research Centre at Sunbury-on-Thames, UK. Originally supplying bespoke data acquisition systems to UK industries, we now trade globally with products and services covering the field of laboratory automation. Our key products are Overlord an advanced laboratory automation software package and orextensive range of S-CEL robotic workcells.

PAA Automation US Office

Peak Analysis & Automation Inc (USA)

Designs and builds a range of precision laboratory robots for laboratory and manufacturing applications. The founders of the company have many years’ experience in factory automation and robotics prior to incorporating in 1989. The company started out (under the name of MEKAnize Inc.) as an integrator of motion control products and then expanded into manufacturing its own robots. Currently the robots are manufactured in-house for use in the biotechnology and clinical automation markets. Our range includes the BiNEDx, KiNEDx, SciNEDx and GX robots.

PAA Automation UK Office