Connect™ laboratory automation docking station

Connect™ docking carts enable you to remove high value instruments from your workcell and return them for immediate use:

  • Maximize the use of expensive instruments, such as plate readers – ‘un-dock’ them for standalone use or in another workcell
  • Save time and effort – because of the precise alignment there is no robot re-training required when returning the cart to the docking station – simply push the cart home and start working
  • Easily access your instruments for loading consumables, servicing or for use elsewhere, self-locating, self-levelling
  • True ‘plug-and-play’ – communications, power and pneumatics are connected automatically – there is no hardware on the floor or trip hazard

To remove the instrument, simply press the disconnect button and wheel it away.

To reconnect, push the docking station into position and press the ‘Connect’ button. The instrument is in perfect alignment – ready to run.

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