How Affordable and Reliable Laboratory Automation Works

Problem: Many laboratories need to upscale their workflows but find that laboratory automation is a costly and difficult option. Robotic arms are reliable solutions but can be large, cumbersome, and expensive (>$25K). This is frequently prohibitive for single devices—especially if the automation solution costs more than the instrument itself. On the…

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Free training on Overlord™ software

PAA is running a workshop at 11.30 on 9th October 2018 for Overlord™ users at ELRIG’s Drug Discovery 2018 being held at London’s Excel Arena.  Overlord is  the software that is core to all PAA’s laboratory automation products. The great news is this training course will be FREE ! and…

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NIST Foundry for Living Measurement Systems

NIST have published an application of S-CEL for testing and measurement of engineered microbes. Summary The goal of the NIST Living Measurement Systems Foundry is to enable the engineering of cells for reliable and safe use in dynamic and unpredictable environments for applications such as living therapeutics, environmental sensing, and…

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