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Acquiring Laboratory Automation by Roger Northwood

Introduction I see plenty of articles and webinars with helpful advice on acquiring the ideal laboratory instrument, LIMS, robot etc. The clear majority of these are published by vendors. Therefore, such articles tend to have a slant that emphasises their own products strengths and gloss over or ignore the weaknesses…

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High throughput screening with IntelliCyt’s iQue®

Effective laboratory automation enables you to make the most of your high throughput screening technology. IntelliCyt’s iQue® and flagship iQue PLUS® screening platforms merge high throughput screening with high content flow cytometry. The iQue/iQue PLUS screener allows you to miniaturize your multiplexed cell and bead based secreted protein assays to…

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Roche LightCycler LC480 real-time qPCR instrument

Overlord™ with the Harmony™ user interface offers a quick and efficient way to add automation capabilities to the Roche LightCycler® 480 for automated qPCR. Using our scara plate handler and Overlord, our industry leading automation software package, you can make far more efficient use of your LightCycler system. The Roche…

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TTP Mosquito nanopipettor laboratory automation

Laboratory automation of TTP Mosquito® pipetting Laboratory automation combined with the TTP Mosquito dispenser facilitates convenient and repetitive nanolitre transfers from mother-plate to daughter-plate.  This eliminates the need for serial dilutions and improves accuracy and precision. These transfers can be in the low nanolitre/nanoliter volume region. The TTP Mosquito transfers…

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