Case Studies

Learn how customers are leveraging PAA's scalable, reliable and cost-effective laboratory automation systems.

Depending of budget and in-house expertise, PAA can offer a fully designed and installed systems OR key automation components for use installation.

Labcyte Echo 5xx nanopipettor

Automate the Labcyte Echo 550/555/55x dispenser The Labcyte Echo 550 compound reformatter transfers volumes down to 2.5 nanolitres using a state-of-the-art “touchless” technology based on focused acoustic energy. Monitoring the acoustic energy reflected from the sample allows the Echo 550 to monitor the water content of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and…

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High content screening – automating the ImageXpress

High content screening automation – Molecular Devices ImageXpress® MD Molecular Devices ImageXpress® Micro and Ultra HCS Imaging Systems offer a complete solution for High Content Screening (HCS) and High Content Analysis (HCA). PAA has integrated the ImageXpress® HCS Imaging System into a range of robotic workcells using the PAA laboratory robots and…

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TTP Mosquito nanopipettor laboratory automation

Laboratory automation of TTP Mosquito® pipetting Laboratory automation combined with the TTP Mosquito dispenser facilitates convenient and repetitive nanolitre transfers from mother-plate to daughter-plate.  This eliminates the need for serial dilutions and improves accuracy and precision. These transfers can be in the low nanolitre/nanoliter volume region. The TTP Mosquito transfers…

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