BioNex (Innovadyne) Nanodrop nano pipettor instrument

Nano pipetting in laboratory automation

Small scale dilution (nano pipetting) is a major requirement of the pharmaceutical laboratory. Nanolitre transfers from mother-plate to daughter-plate eliminate the need for serial dilutions and improve accuracy and precision while saving time and money by eliminating consumables and washes. These transfers can be in the low nanolitre/nanoliter volume region.

BioNex Nanodrop


The BioNex Nanodrop I is a single plate, 8-channel, high-precision pipetting instrument that enables rapid, non-contact dispensing of reagents into 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plate formats. It has a dispense range from 100 nL through 40 µL, with CVs below 5%, measured across 8 tips. It is readily integrated into standard instrumentation systems.

BioNex Nanodrop ExtY


Utilizing the Nanodrop series fluidics module, the BioNe Nanodrop ExtY’s design allows two sets of 4 tips each to dispense reagent to all wells of a standard SBS plate, facilitating rapid dispense of two reagents. Additionally, there are 4 tips that can access any well position for dispensing rare samples and reagents.

BioNex Nanodrop II


The BioNex Nanodrop II is a complete solution for low volume, high-precision pipetting. The system can be configured with one or two plate positions to enable applications such as assay miniaturization, method development, PCR reaction setup, and protein crystallography. As with the ExtY, 4 of the tips can individually access any well of a standard SBS plate, enabling complex method development and design.

BioNex Nanodrop™ Express


The 16-channel BioNex Nanodrop™ Express is our fastest benchtop system — a complete high-throughput solution for low volume, high-precision pipetting. The Nanodrop Express doubles the dispense capacity and halves the aspirate time of a Nanodrop II. The Nanodrop Express can be configured with one- or two-plate stage modules, and interchangeable 1×16 or 2×8 tip heads specialized for reagent dispensing and 96-to-384 transfers, respectively.

automating the BioNex Nanodrop™


We offer a fully automated Nanodrop system. Integrated with the popular and reliable PAA laboratory robot, this system will perform a wide range of tasks:

  • Process a stack of plates using a single BioNex Nanodrop protocol
  • Process a stack of plates using a list of parameters produced manually, from EXCEL or from a LIMS
  • Use a barcode label to identify and track the plates through a Nanodrop process
  • Integrate a BioNex Nanodrop onto the base of a large liquid handler or pipetting robot (Perkin Elmer, Tecan, Hamilton, Beckman)
  • Integrate the BioNex Nanodrop into a larger automated system


This system is fully walk away, load up the stacks and leave the workcell to process the stack of plate through the BioNex Nanodrop dispenser. The system is:

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Expandable
  • Supplied and installed by PAA
  • Easy to use