GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200/6000 imaging instrument

Automating the GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200 Cell Imaging System

GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200 cell imaging systems offer a unique solution for high-content screening (HCS) and high-content analysis (HCA). The IN Cell Analyzer 2000/2200 is a flexible, modular, cellular and subcellular imaging system for fast, automated imaging in fixed and live cells. High performance hardware, state of the art software and expert support – harmonized to transform your cellular workflow.  This system is a perfect target for laboratory automation.

Impressively enabling for cell analysis

Developed with meticulous attention to the needs of the entire high-content cell imaging workflow, the new, enabling features provided by the IN Cell Analyzer 2000/2200 makes even the most challenging high-content assays an everyday reality.

  • From investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening
  • From organelles to cells, to tissues, to whole organisms
  • From fixed end-point assays to extended live cell studies

PAA has integrated the IN Cell 2000/2200 into a range of automation workcells using the KiNEDx  robot and our range of Mitsubishi factory robots. It can be integrated into any of our Benchtop solutions, Safebench or Safecel enclosures.

IN Cell 22200: Building on the extremely successful IN Cell Analyzer 2000/2200 system, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 is designed to bring efficiency and flexibility to your imaging, making both simple and complex high-throughput, high-content assays an everyday reality. With a scientific-grade CMOS camera and bright solid-state light source as standard, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 reduces exposure times and maximizes speed while delivering high-quality images. Confocal-like images can also be obtained using the rapid image restoration options in the control software. IN Cell Analyzer 2200 can image a two-color 96-well plate assay in less than 2.5 min. This speed is achieved through the highly optimized optical system and highly efficient control software, helping you spend your time where it matters most—on your research.

Standard workcell for GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200

The standard automated workcell consists of:

  • GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200 cell imaging system
  • KiNEDx robot
  • barcode reader
  • safety screen (optional extra dependent upon site risk assessment)

The process:

  1. get plate from input stack, read barcode, open plate reader draw
  2. put plate in plate reader, run plate reader (with plate ID information)
  3. when plate read complete, open plate reader draw, get plate from plate reader
  4. put plate in output stack, move plate reader data to the required folder on PC or server

Advanced integration

As with all Overlord™ applications, any of the instruments listed in Device Drivers can be used in one of our automation solutions. The application (left) is using the Mitsubishi factory robot.


  • generate cell imaging data unattended
  • 90 plate scara robot and stacks capacity increases walk-away time
  • barcode reader for sample tracking and method calling
  • integrate with any of the 300+ instruments available on the Overlord™ instrument driver list
  • switch to racks for kinetic assays if required. See Plate Storage for a list of the different options
  • intuitive, easy to use independent Overlord™ software for workcell control
  • only ONE day to install