Multiplexing Assays

Automated Luminex bead plate reader

PAA has had a long association with the automation of the Luminex plate readers, integrating multiple units to speed up processing and the sample preparation steps.

These systems have been built around our KiNEDx robot to transport the microplates. The robot loads the instrument with microplates, containing the treated beads. Barcoded plates provide sample tracking. A Thermo (H & P) shaker is incorporated to ensure suspension of the beads.  Our Overlord software controls the workflow and full control of the plate readers. These automated Luminex plate readers systems have been supplied to a number of major pharmaceutical companies.

The basic automated Luminex system consists of:

  • Luminex Plate Reader
  • KiNEDx robot – plate transport
  • Plate stacks – input and output
  • Shaker – to keep the beads homogenised in the carrier fluid
  • Barcode reader – to positively identify the plate and track sample through the process
Other options

The basic automated system has been expanded with:

  • Multiple Luminex readers in a single work cell
  • Caliper Twister II, Hamilton SWAP, KiNEDx robots
  • Tecan Gemini/EVO pipetting station for liquid handling before a plate read
  • Bio-Rad Bio-Plex/ACS software control of the Luminex plate reader


Features & benefits
  • Unattended operation
  • Complete walk away functionality
  • 100% usage of the instrument
  • You no longer have to wait for instrument to complete the run
  • Sample tracking – using barcodes
  • Homogenization of the plate contents with the plate shaker
  • Automatic warming up of the instrument – ready for use when you come in to the lab