Automated Flow Cytometry

The IntelliCyt iQue™ Screener utilizes flow cytometry to enable you to perform large-scale screening experiments with suspension cells or beads.

Harmony™ is our automation package consisting of our intuitive touch screen user interface, laboratory automation control software, BiNEDx robot, plate stacks and a barcode reader.

When put together the user has a reliable, easy to use automation system capable of running cell and bead based screens 24/7.

flow cytometry

IntelliCyt iQue / iQue PLUS flow cytometer
The iQue System is a flexible screening platform using High performance flow cytometry providing you with state-of-the-art flow throughput.

The iQue / iQue PLUS screener is ideal for laboratories with a need to screen suspension cells or beads fast to obtain rich multiplexed information about each cell, including secreted proteins. It excels for those screens where cells are precious or limited in number.

iQue sampling specifcation:

Minimum Assay Volume: 6 µL
Minimum Sample Aspiration: 1 µL
Minimum Plate Sampling Time: 3 minutes for 96 wells,  12 minutes for 384 wells

  • Increase your productivity by 24/7 operation of your cytometer
  • Get the decision making results you need in a fraction of the time.
  • Save money with reduced cell and reagent costs.
  • Sample a 96-well plate in as little as 3 minutes, or a 384-well plate in 12 minutes.
  • Choose to sample as little as a microliter per well, or more than a milliliter-with no sample waste.
Benefits of automating the iQue

Benefits of automating the iQue / iQue PLUS with Harmony™:

  • Single button operation – minimises training requirements
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen interface – press the ‘Start’ button, select your method, walk away – Harmony does the rest – sending you an email when the batch is finished
  • 24/7 unattended operation – working even when you are not there
  • Full utilisation of your capital investment (use your iQue /iQue PLUS for more hours per day)
  • Identical treatment of all microplates
  • Full sample traceability with optional barcode reader
  • Single user or multi-user access
  • Mixed protocol batches
  • Handles lidded and un-lidded plates
  • The standard storage configuration, using three stacks, has a capacity of 60 plates (approximately 50 with lidded plates) per run – more with alternative storage options
  • Optional plate incubation (addition of a Cytomat or similar incubator)
  • Optional integration with a wide variety of other instruments, please enquire for details