S- CEL™ Cell Screening Platforms

Achieve more reproducible results whilst increasing capacity

Our S-CEL cell screening platforms are used for:

  • Handling suspension and adherent cells within a Class II type (BSL level 2) environment
  • Sample preparation
  • Cell growth
  • Transfection
  • Cell screening
  • Data analysis and hit picking
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Our platforms incorporate tight integration with your databases and visualisation tools

Automating Cell Line Development – How to Choose the Right System

Features and Benefits

  • Class II type enclosure – HEPA filtration and downdraft control protect cell lines by ensuring sterility at all times
  • Air flow control – automatically increases the downdraft to enable protection to be maintained even with one portal fully open
  • Sample plate preparation – cell dispensing, dosing, transfection – using the liquid handler/dispenser of your choice
  • Control cell growth – transfer to incubators, multiple cell lines, variable incubation times – Thermo Cytomat and Liconic incubators fully supported
  • Monitor cell growth – cell confluence, morphology, kinetic assays, – multiple high-content readers are supported by Overlord
  • Hit picking – automated hit picking, re-plating and storage – all controlled by our Overlord™ software
  • Easy to use Harmony™ touch screen control – press the ‘start button’ and follow the simple dialogue to queue your batch and get started
  • Data handling – not only does the powerful Overlord scheduler control the instruments of your choice, it integrates with custom databases, LIMS and data analysis software (including ActivityBase® and Spotfire®) allowing two way information transfer
  • Use high value instruments more effectively – our unique Connect™ docking cart system allows you to easily remove high value instruments for use standalone or connected to another workcell.

More Information

Find out how S-CEL cell screening platforms will enable you to achieve more reliable results, faster and with less effort, contact us now.  One of our automation experts will be pleased to talk with you.