FHI LabAutomation 2017 Den Bosch

PAA will be at the FHI LabAutomation 2017 conference held at; 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen Oude Engelenseweg 1, 5222 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch on 28 March 2017. We hope you will drop by and see us.  We would be delighted to talk with you about your applications and show you some of our…

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SLAS 2017, Washington DC, February 4-8

SLAS 2017 is this year’s premier event in Laboratory Automation, we do hope you can come. We will showing our latest innovations including the fully collaborative GX™ robot, the S-LAB™ low cost robotic loader and our Safecel™ range of automation workcells.  Whether you need to load an instrument automatically or…

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The new Safecel™ using a fully collaborative robotic plate handler

We have recently published three new videos showing the new Mitsubishi collaborative robotic plate handler in action within our Safecel™ laboratory automation workcell.  These videos demonstrate some of the new and improved features we have added to the Safecel™, enabling laboratory automation integrations of any application type to be as simple to use as a bench-top…

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