Case Studies

Learn how customers are leveraging PAA's scalable, reliable and cost-effective laboratory automation systems.

Depending of budget and in-house expertise, PAA can offer a fully designed and installed systems OR key automation components for use installation.

Automating the Nanotemper Prometheus NT.Plex

  The Prometheus NT.Plex instrument is based on nanoDSF (nano differential scanning fluorimetry) technology for easy, rapid and accurate analysis of protein folding and stability. Using the NT.Robotic Autosampler, the Prometheus NT.Plex can be fully automated. Nanotemper’s software package supports straight-forward analysis of thermal and chemical unfolding data as well…

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IntelliCyt’s iQue® and iQue PLUS® automation

IntelliCyt’s iQue® and flagship iQue PLUS® screening platforms merge high throughput screening with high content flow cytometry. The iQue/iQue PLUS screener allows you to miniaturize your multiplexed cell and bead based secreted protein assays to a few microliters, conserving samples and reducing reagent costs. The iQue/iQue PLUS screener is ideal…

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Roche LightCycler LC480 real-time PCR instrument

The PAA harmony offers a quick and efficient way to add automation capabilities to the Roche LightCycler® 480. Using our scara plate handler and Overlord™, our industry leading automation software package, you can make far more efficient use of your LightCycler system. Instrument use of the Roche LightCycler…

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GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200/6000 imaging instrument

Automating the GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200 Cell Imaging System GE Healthcare IN Cell 2000/2200 imaging systems offer a unique solution for High-content screening (HCS) and High-content analysis (HCA). The IN Cell Analyzer 2000/2200 is a flexible, modular, cellular and subcellular imaging system for fast, automated imaging in fixed and live…

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BioNex (Innovadyne) Nanodrop nano pipettor instrument

Nanopipetting in laboratory automation Small scale dilution is a major requirement of the pharmaceutical laboratory. Nanolitre transfers from mother-plate to daughter-plate eliminate the need for serial dilutions and improve accuracy and precision while saving time and money by eliminating consumables and washes. These transfers can be in the low nanolitre/nanoliter…

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